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Glee: Awesome.

Glee’s writers must have at some point mortgaged their souls to Satan. There is no other way to explain their ability to combine so many dark, cutting, truly funny jokes with the sweet earnestness of “Up With People.” Seriously, how in the world, in this day and age, can you make a running joke about […]

The Best Place in the World

It’s that time of year again, the time when New York Times columnists write cloying, un-fact-checked columns repeating something some tour guide told them on their Costa Rican vacation. Last year it was Thomas Friedman (“(No) Drill Baby Drill,” yeah right) this year it’s Nicholas Kristoff, of all people. There’s something about Costa Rica that […]

Newspapers will not save themselves

By now, it’s a given that in a short amount of time (if not already) people in industrialized nations will get most of their information through electronic devices, much of it by way of the Internet. It’s a fact that news “papers” are obsolete as a means of delivering content. At one time they were […]

No one pays for content

Have you heard of micropayments? This idea that people would pay teeny-tiny bits of money for each individual piece of newspaper they consume? (0.05$/article, for example.) Michael Kinsley, the founder of, weighs in today in an op-ed, with kind of an interesting point: Micropayments are systems that make it easy to pay small […]

Pity the rich?

How many articles have you read about newspapers being the foundation of democracy? (Oh hey! There’s one right there!) What those articles don’t often mention is that approximately 98.7% of content published in newspapers has nothing to do with democracy, and is, in fact, total horseshit. Like, for example, this article about how difficult it […]