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God bless the internet

Well, this made me sick. Watch an Apache gunship machinegun a bunch of civilians, then machinegun them again when someone comes to help the wounded. Mistakes are mistakes, but it becomes murder when you lie about it. In the future, I will have a very hard time believing the U.S. Military’s version of these kinds […]

Old Republicans never die, and unfortunately, neither do they fade away. From the New York Times: Shortly after his visit to Akron, Mr. Gingrich spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. He waded to the lectern across the ballroom floor to the throbbing beat of “Eye of the Tiger,” with lights flashing and […]

Senatorial misconduct

I’ve decided I like Gail Collins a lot. She’s sarcastic, but she never quite looses her shit, which I’m afraid I would do if I had to write about the mind-blowing stupidity in Washington on a regular basis. (This is a big reason I am not – not – a columnist for the New York […]

The President I always wanted

What really attracted me to Obama during the campaign was common sense. He said he wasn’t an ideologue. He said there was stuff to do, and by golly, he was going to do that stuff, and get it done, and he would do so bipartisanly. It didn’t work out so well. For the first year, […]

Where deficits really come from

I’ve been thinking for some time now that the greatest hypocrisy of fiscal conservatives is coupling a fundamentalist opposition to new social spending with ferocious support for the American Military Welfare State. Glenn Greenwald has a great post on the topic. I found this graphic to be enlightening.

Ladies men

Here’s the problem with current standards in American politics: In order to think you’re competent enough to run for state-wide or national office, you kind of have to be an arrogant, overly-self-confident, extroverted prick. Which, if you think about it, almost exactly describes a womanizer. There are therefore two ways to avoid losing an entire […]


From No More Mister Nice Blog: I don’t know if yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling is really going to lead to the apocalypse predicted by so many, or if the corporate influence on American politics is already at its absolute maximum and this is merely going to alter the number of tools in the fat cats’ […]

Say goodnight

What with health care reform failing, banking regulatory reform a joke, 10% unemployment, climate change unchecked, everyone getting fat on government-subsidized corn products, and two messy wars still ongoing, you’d think things couldn’t get much worse for the ol’ U.S. of A. You would be wrong. The Supreme Court just overturned a century of precedent […]

Cuttler on health care

I posted this video earlier, but I think it’s worth posting again in light of the Masshole vote. It’s an interview with a Harvard health care economist on why we really, really need health care reform.

Canada: Nice this time of year

With now only 59 votes in the Senate, Democrats may not be able to pass health care reform. Tonight’s Senate vote in Massachusetts is a ridiculous coda to an absurdly difficult battle, and frankly, I don’t think we learned anything. Americans still haven’t fully grasped the fact that their health care system is an international […]