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Category Archives: Foreign policy

Flat by design

If there’s one thing we are taught in the United States about literature it’s that above all, it should be politically inert. Our literary figures are irrelevant to politics, and we believe this is correct. Imagine a novelist running for president, or a poet for a Senate seat, or a newspaper columnist for anything. “Hillary […]

The future will not be blogged

I had this plan that I was going to watch all three Transformers movies this week and write something hilarious about how Michael Bay is a bleeding propagandist who markets a particular vision of unbridled and global American military power to children on behalf of his clients in the Pentagon. It was going to go […]

God bless the internet

Well, this made me sick. Watch an Apache gunship machinegun a bunch of civilians, then machinegun them again when someone comes to help the wounded. Mistakes are mistakes, but it becomes murder when you lie about it. In the future, I will have a very hard time believing the U.S. Military’s version of these kinds […]

Globalization and the crash

In The Crash of 2008 and What it Means, George Soros makes the most eloquent critique of globalization that I’ve ever read. In a nutshell, he argues that starting in the 70s, rich countries forced Washington consensus austerity measures on poor (“periphery”) countries, while at the same time reserving for themselves the right to enact countercyclical […]


Jorge Castañeda published a nifty little piece in Foreign Policy on why Mexico’s drug war is ill-advised and unwinnable: The Mexican drug war is costly, unwinnable, and predicated on dangerous myths. Calderón has deployed everything from distorted statistics to bad history as weapons to convince the country, and the world, that the war must be […]

Cuba: Dangerous

If you needed any further proof that “sponsors of terror” now simply means “on U.S. shit-list:” TSA also named 10 “countries of interest” —  Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen — as well as four nations known to be sponsors of terrorism — Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria. Yes, […]

Killing Pablo

I had assumed Mark Bowden’s Killing Pablo would focus on the clandestine U.S. goons hunting down Pablo Escabar. It did, partly, and of course we all love reading about the extra-legal international escapades of the United States of America. But Bowden dedicated the far greater and more interesting portion of his book to the Colombians. […]

Bet on it

Happy New Year/Decade. And here’s something to think about. During the last 10 years – the decade of 9/11, the decade of terrorism and wars there-on – your odds of dying in a terrorism-induced plane crash were 1 : 10,408,947. So, not too great. I mean, I wouldn’t have bet on it. Then again, lots […]