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Category Archives: Dear diary

Sub-prime education

I looked into going back to school recently. I might still do it some day. In some ways it’s hard to see a financial benefit. Cost = ($30,000 annual tuition x 2) + ($40,000 in annual salary foregone x 2) = way more than the benefit I’d gain from Master’s-level government employment (Oh, didn’t you […]

Our peculiar sickness

There’s a really interesting book excerpt in the New York Times Magazine on the globalization of western-style mental illness. Most fascinating is the observation that mental illness is not constant across time and space. Different cultures have different kinds of mental illness, as do different periods of history. If there is a manifestation of insanity […]

Kids these days

A writer at BoingBoing decided to lob a grenade into the blogosphere by asking, “Is parenthood a lifestyle choice?” You have to live in a peculiar kind of bubble to even consider asking that question. It appears to assume that non-parenthood is more prevalent than parenthood, giving the latter that status of a steampunk obsession, […]

Whither the disgruntled sons?

I was recently laid low by a fit of nostalgia upon reading an old blog post by Jared Cook about Hillsdale’s “disgruntled sons of the moral majority,” a group of which I am apparently part. I realized that I miss being around people who care about ideas, appreciate a well-turned phrase, and talk about books […]

I do not want to be your friend

I signed up for Facebook today. I did, I really tried, and I got past the part where they ask you what schools you went to, what year you graduated high school, what year you graduated college, then I clicked OK on a couple other things, and… holy shit. Those two made a baby? And […]


So it turns out that nuking my WordPress install to upgrade to 2.7 was a bad idea. The Php and the MySQL and the FTP wouldn’t play nice, and I’m too lazy to work it out. I still have the old database if any fans of oldskool want to do some pro bono tinkering. […]