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Category Archives: Costa Rica

Words fail.

Recently, I thought I had spotted the worst campaign ad ever. Rarely am I proven so wrong so quickly: A pregnant gospel choir teams up with a mentally handicapped piano player and a man dressed as a baby to inform us in song that “the least bad is the best,” and now my head has […]

Worst campaign ad ever

Ask any taxi driver in Latin America who he’s going to vote for and he’ll probably say, “El menos malo.” The least bad one. The lesser of two evils. Lots of people say this in Costa Rica as well. That doesn’t mean you should put it in a campaign advertisement. Luis Fishman was a late-in-the-game […]

The Best Place in the World

It’s that time of year again, the time when New York Times columnists write cloying, un-fact-checked columns repeating something some tour guide told them on their Costa Rican vacation. Last year it was Thomas Friedman (“(No) Drill Baby Drill,” yeah right) this year it’s Nicholas Kristoff, of all people. There’s something about Costa Rica that […]

How to cross the street

A little video I shot about life in Costa Rica.