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dear parents constantly yelling at your kids, honestly how do you do it? it is a serious commitment to control every waking moment of another human being’s life. see, a lot of times i let my son do things the way he wants to not because i have any kind of parenting philosophy but because […]

a friend of mine had some checks stolen when his car was broken into. the police caught the suspect trying to cash one of the checks. he’d made it out to himself. i’m just going to say that i think we need a new social program for people who are really bad at crime. like, the […]

See you in hell

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, now the Catholics are abusing deaf kids. From the New York Times: Top Vatican officials — including the future Pope Benedict XVI — did not defrock a priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys, even though several American bishops repeatedly warned them that […]

Early Glenn Beck

Old Republicans never die, and unfortunately, neither do they fade away. From the New York Times: Shortly after his visit to Akron, Mr. Gingrich spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. He waded to the lectern across the ballroom floor to the throbbing beat of “Eye of the Tiger,” with lights flashing and […]

Love those cranky libertarians

From Reason Online: To say that decriminalizing drug use “poses a threat to the coherence and effectiveness of the international drug control system” is like saying that a malfunctioning Teleprompter poses a threat to the coherence and effectiveness of the Swedish Chef.

Headline of the day

From the LA Times: Hawaii reports no apparent tsunami damage. As opposed to the unapparent, not-immediately-noticeable variety of tsunami damage. Over at Lat/Am Daily I’ve posted a little roundup of good, relevant Chile earthquake stories, if anyone’s interested.

Fuel cells are not an energy source

Dear Scientifically-Challenged Journalists Of The World: Please stop writing that fuel cell devices are an energy source. They are not. They do not generate energy. They need input from a conventional energy source to operate, be it natural gas, electricity produced by coal-fueled power plants, or magical pixie gas from your backyard compost pile. They […]

Fun with graphs

UPDATE: “Traditionally, three sectors have led the way out of recession: automobiles, home building and banking.”

Glad we cleared that up.

Reuters headline of the week: Pope tells Irish bishops pedophilia a heinous crime.