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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Shoot your superheroes

I am no comic book historian, but I am willing to go out on a limb and propose that the possibilities for superhero mythology were exhausted by the bottom of the third page of Superman, Issue 1, Volume 1 (1938), and that the subsequent 70-odd years of furious homoerotic/hetero-normative masturbatory artwork, extreme vigilante violence, and […]


Expatriates bitch. It’s like, you know how other adults go to parties and play charades or watch videos of huge men in tight pants and helmets rhythmically running into each other head first? Well, we expatriates bitch. We drink and bitch. We bitch about the local food, about the local women/men, about the local bureaucracy, […]

The Place, Part I, Chapter 2

For my introduction to this translation project, click here. All comments and criticism welcome! I soon found that as far as I could tell, the room was an exact copy of the last one. The same darkness, the same cold, the same size; the same bareness and silence. And when I found another door right across […]