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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Headline of the day

From the LA Times: Hawaii reports no apparent tsunami damage. As opposed to the unapparent, not-immediately-noticeable variety of tsunami damage. Over at Lat/Am Daily I’ve posted a little roundup of good, relevant Chile earthquake stories, if anyone’s interested.

Fuel cells are not an energy source

Dear Scientifically-Challenged Journalists Of The World: Please stop writing that fuel cell devices are an energy source. They are not. They do not generate energy. They need input from a conventional energy source to operate, be it natural gas, electricity produced by coal-fueled power plants, or magical pixie gas from your backyard compost pile. They […]

Fun with graphs

UPDATE: “Traditionally, three sectors have led the way out of recession: automobiles, home building and banking.”

Creative self-destruction

It’s not like I needed anything else to further dash my hopes about the future, but this Atlantic article added some pretty significant fuel to the house fire. Basically, we’re screwed for a generation, although I’m lucky enough to be less screwed than recent graduates, Rust Belt families, and minorities. Still, I get the additional […]

Seven movies I’ve watched over and over again

In no particular order: The Big Lebowski Amelie High Fidelity Bubba Ho-tep The Apartment The Man Who Wasn’t There The Royal Tenenbaums

We Are the Shamelessly Self-Promoting

“We Are the World” remake: Helping Haiti? Absolutely. I bet a lot of Haitians breathed a sigh of relief on February 2 and said to themselves, “Boy, I feel a lot less hungry and a lot more housed now that a bunch of famous musicians got together and sang for 14 hours. All I need […]

Glad we cleared that up.

Reuters headline of the week: Pope tells Irish bishops pedophilia a heinous crime.

Exercise in lameness

Now that James Cameron says he’ll be directing a sequel to The Most Derivative Movie Ever Made, I thought I’d throw out some ideas for the new film. Jawal is a Na’vi cop. He’s a rebel who uses unorthodox methods to get results. But when he crashes another winged batty thing in a madcap aerial […]

My son

From Oliver’s birth2 Oliver Simon Krupa Flores, born February 9, 2010.

Senatorial misconduct

I’ve decided I like Gail Collins a lot. She’s sarcastic, but she never quite looses her shit, which I’m afraid I would do if I had to write about the mind-blowing stupidity in Washington on a regular basis. (This is a big reason I am not – not – a columnist for the New York […]