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Daily Archives: January 11th, 2010

Glee: Awesome.

Glee’s writers must have at some point mortgaged their souls to Satan. There is no other way to explain their ability to combine so many dark, cutting, truly funny jokes with the sweet earnestness of “Up With People.” Seriously, how in the world, in this day and age, can you make a running joke about […]

Cue feigned surprise/indignation

From the New York Times: Five years after famously dodging questions about steroids during a nationally televised Congressional hearing, Mark McGwire admitted on Monday to using them throughout his career.

From the most excellent Baseline Scenario: … yes, bankers are like athletes. Their individual contributions are overrated relative to their supporting environments; they are overpaid; they are paid based on where they randomly fall in the probability distribution in a given year; and paying a lot for bankers is no guarantee that your bank will […]

What will they think of next

I have this thing where I watch commercials on American television and I say to myself: There must be something wrong with Americans. This is one of those commercials. It reminds me of the part in Idiocracy where, 500 years in the future, Luke Wilson learns that modern medicine is extinct because researchers wasted all […]

Fox News continues to polish its reputation for sophisticated thought and intellectual rigor by signing on Sarah Palin as a contributor. No word yet on whether she’ll be teaming up with Mike Huckabee for a special Alaska episode of his Praise the Lord Hodown Conservative Variety Show Hour Thing.