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Daily Archives: January 8th, 2010

Globalization and the crash

In The Crash of 2008 and What it Means, George Soros makes the most eloquent critique of globalization that I’ve ever read. In a nutshell, he argues that starting in the 70s, rich countries forced Washington consensus austerity measures on poor (“periphery”) countries, while at the same time reserving for themselves the right to enact countercyclical […]

A best-to-worst ranking of 200 careers is making the rounds. Number 184 on the list is Newspaper Reporter, ranking just below Seaman and Machinist but just above Stevedore and Sheet Metal Worker. Glad I went to college.

Mysteries from the jungle

This fascinates me. From the New Yorker: The gradual devastation of the Amazon—the felling of thousands of square miles of forest, the clear-cutting of the jungle—has produced, paradoxically, one of the greatest archeological discoveries: a vast and complex ancient civilization. In cleared-away areas of the upper Amazon basin, researchers, using satellite imagery, have recently pinpointed […]

The New Yorker‘s James Surowieck interviews David Cutler, a health care economist.