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Jorge Castañeda published a nifty little piece in Foreign Policy on why Mexico’s drug war is ill-advised and unwinnable:

The Mexican drug war is costly, unwinnable, and predicated on dangerous myths. Calderón has deployed everything from distorted statistics to bad history as weapons to convince the country, and the world, that the war must be joined.

Fair enough, but that being the case, now what? You can’t just say, “Never mind” and withdraw the troops. The cartels are broken up and at war with each other, some $30 billion in illegal cash is crossing the border every year, and Americans are still hoovering up vast amounts of ski, recession and bonus reductions notwithstanding.

It’s only a matter of time before the extreme violence honed in Mexico crosses the border. In some cases it already has. (Did you know when they dissolve a body in acid, Mexican gangsters call it a pozole? Ha!) I don’t have any answers. Violence just has a way of spreading.

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