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Daily Archives: January 3rd, 2010

Because if you’re not American, you’re not people

Here’s a good reason never to return to the United States with my non-U.S.-citizen wife: secret detention centers. From The Nation: According to Aaron Tarin, an immigration attorney in Salt Lake City, “Whenever I have a client in a subfield office, it makes me nervous. Their procedures are lax. You’ve got these senior agents who […]

CEO entitlements

During the last 50 years, the ratio of the highest-paid employee’s compensation to that of the lowest paid rose from 24:1 to 275:1. From the New York Times Magazine: Indeed, what has happened with executive compensation … is that a culture of entitlement has apparently become the norm. It’s not a matter of how much […]

Killing Pablo

I had assumed Mark Bowden’s Killing Pablo would focus on the clandestine U.S. goons hunting down Pablo Escabar. It did, partly, and of course we all love reading about the extra-legal international escapades of the United States of America. But Bowden dedicated the far greater and more interesting portion of his book to the Colombians. […]