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Bet on it

Happy New Year/Decade. And here’s something to think about. During the last 10 years – the decade of 9/11, the decade of terrorism and wars there-on – your odds of dying in a terrorism-induced plane crash were 1 : 10,408,947. So, not too great. I mean, I wouldn’t have bet on it.

Then again, lots of people might have. Consider that the odds of winning the pick-six Illinois Lottery are about the same – 1 : 10,179,260 – and tons, nay, thousands of math-challenged voters/high school graduates play. One can only assume they think they might win.

So it stands to reason that if someone almost bombs a plane bound for a country populated by people who play the lottery and watch 24, the natural, entirely predictable reaction will be: WE MUST INVADE YEMEN BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

See, I think the terrorists knew this. And I bet they don’t play the lottery.

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