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Monthly Archives: March 2009


I suspect that the government is, at this moment, screwing the pooch. Starting in November, the government sold the bank bailouts as a way to stave off a truly catastrophic economic tailspin. Just a little priming of the pump, a little life support. Fine. But what I hear now – from everyone – is that […]


Have you stopped to ask yourself what the world is going to look like a few years from now? What with millions of people getting canned, stable employers no longer stable, the whole economy on fire. Imagine: General Electric just cut its dividend. GENERAL ELECTRIC. GE hasn’t done that since THE GREAT DEPRESSION. How bad […]


The Economist comes out in favor of legalizing drugs as “the least bad policy.” They make a very convincing case. Come on people: Prohibition doesn’t work. And we have better things on which to spend $40 billion a year. I guess if you look at the facts, the reasoning is obvious. As The Economist puts […]