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Whither the disgruntled sons?

I was recently laid low by a fit of nostalgia upon reading an old blog post by Jared Cook about Hillsdale’s “disgruntled sons of the moral majority,” a group of which I am apparently part. I realized that I miss being around people who care about ideas, appreciate a well-turned phrase, and talk about books the way others discuss college basketball.

The great thing was it never really mattered if we agreed. It was the sparing that counted, the sword-crossing. I consider myself fortunate to have been invited to spar with people who, to this day, are the most intelligent I’ve ever met. We had a fine time.

Sadly, as I clicked through Jared’s various links to Hillsdale blogs, almost all of them have fallen silent, with Daniel Silliman’s being the notable exception.

Whither the disgruntled sons? Bob? Sam? Prizio? Anybody out there? The fit of nostalgia continues.