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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Rethinking assault weapons regulation

The gun debate is kind of insane, and I can argue both sides of it, depending on context. What I could never get particularly excited about, however, were bans on semi-automatic assault weapons or other large-caliber, high-capacity, war-like contraptions. Only rarely are they used to commit crimes (handguns are much more dangerous), and mostly they’re […]

Newspapers will not save themselves

By now, it’s a given that in a short amount of time (if not already) people in industrialized nations will get most of their information through electronic devices, much of it by way of the Internet. It’s a fact that news “papers” are obsolete as a means of delivering content. At one time they were […]

Sad but true

The most pointed analysis I’ve yet read for what just happened to the American economy comes from a comment on a article: I’ve always felt that 90% of what you need to know to understand the US can be conveyed in just one slogan: “The more you shop, the more you save.”

Whither the disgruntled sons?

I was recently laid low by a fit of nostalgia upon reading an old blog post by Jared Cook about Hillsdale’s “disgruntled sons of the moral majority,” a group of which I am apparently part. I realized that I miss being around people who care about ideas, appreciate a well-turned phrase, and talk about books […]

Five foreign movies everyone should see

1. La Ley de Hérodes (Eng: Herod’s Law) – A tragicomic fable of Mexican politics. An eager-beaver party no-body gets tapped to replace a corrupt provincial governor and bring the beleaguered locals “development and social justice.” Shenanigans ensue when the naif’s ideals begin to slip. He ends badly (or does he?). 2. Kung fu (Eng: […]

Why Twitter?

Everyone loves Twitter! Well, actually, only about 6 million people love Twitter, and most of them (from what I can tell) are journalists working on trend stories about how everyone loves Twitter. Since every media outlet in the world appears intent on assaulting me with Twitter stories, I’m finally inspired to ask, What Is The […]

No one pays for content

Have you heard of micropayments? This idea that people would pay teeny-tiny bits of money for each individual piece of newspaper they consume? (0.05$/article, for example.) Michael Kinsley, the founder of, weighs in today in an op-ed, with kind of an interesting point: Micropayments are systems that make it easy to pay small […]

Pity the rich?

How many articles have you read about newspapers being the foundation of democracy? (Oh hey! There’s one right there!) What those articles don’t often mention is that approximately 98.7% of content published in newspapers has nothing to do with democracy, and is, in fact, total horseshit. Like, for example, this article about how difficult it […]

Chávez and Bernie Madoff

I’m going to take a risk and make public a prediction I originally made whilst slightly intoxicated: Before the end of this year, there will be an enormous financial scandal that will bring the Chávez administration to its knees. Although I guess, given the facts, this maybe isn’t the riskiest prediction anyone’s ever made. Oil’s […]

“The section that lists all the sections section”

Having fun at the New York Times‘ expense. (Yeah, you guys do need a new business model.) And is that the guys from Stella?